Cow Print Canvas Slip On Deck Shoes

$9.99 $24.99

Kick up a mooooood in these wild cow print deck shoes! Get noticed in any herd with these canvas slip ons that guarantee a hoof-tappin', cloven-hooved style. The perfect way to moooo-ve up in the fashion world! These are awesome quality without the "Brand" price tag!!

CM is the measurement in Centimeters of the INSIDE length of the shoe! If in doubt, measure your child's foot and find the size that matches that measurement closest. If they are in between a size, go with the size up to be safe! PLEASE MEASURE YOUR CHILDS FOOT TO BE SAFE! <3


US: 5.5 (EUR 19, CM: 14)

US: 6 (EUR: 20-21, CM: 14.5)

US: 7 (EUR: 22-23, CM: 15.5)

US: 8 (EUR: 24-25, CM: 16.5)

US: 9 (EUR: 26-27, CM: 17.5)

US: 10 (EUR: 28-29, CM: 18.5)

US: 11 (EUR: 30-31, CM: 19.5)

US: 12 (EUR: 32, CM: 20)